Spinning Resources

This Yarn

This Yarn answers the question, “What can I make with this yarn?” Geared specifically towards art yar, there are patterns, articles and inspirational pictures. Founded by Ashley Martineau, author of “Spinning and Dyeing Yarn” and “How To Spin Yarn” videos, and fellow fiber fanatic Dayna Mankowski of Madison Wool in Madison, Connecticut. You will find great ideas for using art yarn at this site.

Spin to Knit With Jillian Moreno

Jillian Moreno first came to my attention on Knitty.com. She writes a spinning article there as well as for PLY Magazine and Spin Off. Jillian also teaches across the country and on Craftsy. Her book Yarnitecture is an amazing resource for hand spinners who want to be able to spin specific yarn for projects.

Abby’s Yarns

Abby Franquemont is my spindle spinning guru. Her book “Respect the Spindle” is my spindle spinning bible. Despite owning a wheel, spindle spinning is my passion and this book has so much fabulous information. I refer to it often and sometimes I just look at the pictures. If you are a spindle spinner, you need this book. Abby also does wonderful You Tube videos.

My Local Wool

My Local Wool is the brainchild of Ashley Martineau. It is an online resource that connects fiber farms, guilds, festivals, shearers, mills, instructors, yarn shops and online shops to the people who need them.

Ply Magazine

Ply is  a single topic spinning magazine created by and published by one of the biggest names in the modern hand spinning movement, Jacey Boggs. Each issue is like having a private spinning lesson.